Signature Program Man-Han Style Banquet Daily Broadcast

Large scale Chinese Food Culture Show -- Man-Han Style Banquet: broadcast both on CCTV and Qingdao TV weekly, 50 minutes/episode, first broadcast on Saturday 19:00 on CCTV-2 and 20:00 on QTV-5

The national digital pay channel - the "China Food TV", facing the whole nation, with digital interactive television programs, and producing an average of 60-minute self-made food shows every day, is the largest food show production agency of the nation.

Signboard Dish Delicacies of the World -- Workshop with One Thousand Flavors Daily Broadcast

With eight most common seasonings, one thousand of different flavors can be generated. The Workshop with One Thousand Flavors can make you full of charm. The host is knowledgeable; the tips are easy to learn; the amounts used are accurate. Make cooking more enjoyable, and let the delicacies into your life. Workshop with One Thousand Flavors expects to share the wonderful tastes with you.

Signboard Program Delicacies of the World -- Flavor of Wheaten Food Daily Broadcast

This show features 100 well beloved, tasty and nutritious foods made from flour, including pastry, bread, steamed bread roll, dumplings, etc. In a happy and relaxed atmosphere, the host and experts of pastries illustrate and demonstrate. Let’s all make some ourselves, enjoy the fun working in kitchen, and have a novel, fashionable, and healthy life style.

Signboard Program Delicacies of the World -- Hall of Eggs Daily Broadcast

This show is all about eggs. A small egg can ever change. In this 20-minute program, there are many different sections, such as “Information of Eggs”, “The Weapon Room”, “Sutra Collection Pavilion”, “House of Elixirs”, “Egg Brothers”, and “I Show My Eggs”. With the host’s excellent explanation, you can certainly feast your eyes on the practical, fashionable, and healthy program.

Gossip Program Little Fatty’s Food Diary Daily Broadcast

A classic expression spread around the world instantly, and an occasional looking back makes a Star. Little Fatty, the popular network favorite, comes out of the network and shows his food tips to the audience. Little Fatty provides you healthy and delicious food every day, and his -ability to make you laugh is also excellent.

Signboard Program Delicacies of the World -- Museum of Preserving Health Daily Broadcast

This is a service program close to our routine life. Its theme is to help audience preserving their health by using traditional Chinese methods and materials. From the general prospects, choosing our every day topics, and using our fashionable elaboration to spread the concept of living a healthy life. There are three major parts of the show: stories of preserving health, theories of preserving health, and club of preserving health. Let’s follow the beautiful female chef to the kitchen!

Decoding Program Elites of the Catering Industry Weekly Broadcast

Why did the “Go Believe” steamed stuffed buns pass on for centuries, and have an enduring world-renowned reputation?
Why does the "Quanjude" roasted duck make the restaurant world-famous, and make it the "super-carrier” in the food field?
The decoding program of Chinese Food TV -- "Elites of the Catering Industry" shares the entrepreneurs’ joy of collect their first bucket of gold, and you can learn the essence of successful management to bring your snack bars large amount of benefits. The program brings your management to "Harvard", and let your business become world-famous. This is a "Treasured Book for a Starting Business", which the future elite of the catering industry should not miss.
We will launch the series of "50 Persons Who Affected Catering in China" pretty soon, please pay attention to that.
One episode per week, and 40 minutes per episode.

Traditional Program Chinese Tea Culture Chinese Wine Culture Daily Broadcast

How much do you know about tea? Do you know the origin of tea? Do you know how many kinds of tea are there? Have you ever seen the real tea ceremony? The large scale TV series Chinese Tea Culture will tell you the history and culture of tea. While watching the program, you may as well make a pot of fresh tea to go over the tea culture together with us in the elegant ancient music.
Do you admire the ancient poets composing poems while drinking? While boiling wine, heroes talked about who was the real one and would unite China. In the program, we go through history and across the vast land of the country, savor good wine, sing ancient music, visit the historic sites, and express our genuine feelings. That is the large scale TV series -- Chinese Wine Culture, please don’t miss it.

Program for Preserving Health The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine Daily Broadcast

This is a large scale TV documentary program, which records Chinese special medical treating skills of acupuncture, massage manipulation, and moxibustion. And it also keeps a record of the famous medicine of ancient China. The program can be divided into three parts: Medical History, Theories of Medical Knowledge and Methods for Preserving Health. It gives a full introduction of the impact of staff close to our daily life, like water, wine, tea, houses, diet, bathing, to our health. The program can enable you to know the culture and history of the ancient Chinese medicine, and broaden your knowledge about the Methods of preserving health. The program can serve like a classic dish for keeping fit.

Documentary ---The Delicacies on the Silk Road

Qian Zhang, in the Western Han Dynasty, visited the Western twice, started the communications between China and the West, and opened the Silk Road to bring Chinese culture to the West. This path connecting the East and the West had already been the road of friendship for Asia, Europe, and Africa to share their economic and cultural resources.
September 2008, the GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS committee, the so called Oscar Committee of the book world, with the world only China Delicacies Digital Satellite Channel together shoot ‘The delicacies on the Silk Road’, a grand serial show of delicacies. Three top chefs, from China, France, and Malay respectively, spent one month along the north line of the ancient Silk Road around the Desert Takla Makan. They started at Urumqi, then to Turfan, Korla, Aqsu, Kashi, Hetian, Takla Makan desert,Korla, and finally they returned to Urumqi. The whole path is about forty five hundred kilometers. During the twenty nine days, the chefs used their own different perspectives and food cultures to appreciate, experience, and cook all kinds of delicacies of the mysterious land.
The serial have twenty episodes totally and thirty minutes each. It combined the Western Region’s beautiful views and its unique delicacies, and tasted its unique mysterious geographical features and folk cultures. Through the top chefs lead, more and more people will taste and feel the rich culture and delicacies of the old Silk Road
‘The Delicacies on the Silk Road’ will be broadcasted in the China Food TV nationally and in Europe as well.

The serial show of “Love of Home Cooking”: Life and Service Category

‘Cooking with love and heart’, the powerful alliances of China Food TV and the publishers grandly promote the serial show of “Love of Home Cooking”! The show is lively, close to everyday life, easy to learn, and with a lovable host. It is not only the TV show, but also a colorful book compensating the show. You can master the most classic home dishes, most practical cooking skills, and the most intimate kitchen tips just by glance of the book! You can learn the classic dishes without going out of your home and turn yourself into a master of the kitchen easily! It is the Bible of the kitchen, including plenty of secret cooking methods. All in “Love of Home Cooking”! “Love of Home Cooking” serial show has thirty episodes totally. Each of them has fifteen minutes.

“Grand Auditorium of China Delicacies” Description

“Grand Auditorium of China Delicacies” is a cooking show that invites the famous experts including master chefs, food sculptor, master of sugar, seasoning expert, nutrition professor, food history experts, etc., to teach audience through their personal instructions and demonstrations and illustrate the broad and profound Chinese diet culture. The show is not only for the professional chefs to improve their skills, but also for the amateur to learn how to make the delicacies. It is professional and authoritative, combines theories with practices, and instructs and demonstrates face to face. It reproduces the unique cooking skills and remoulds the cooking culture. The show is also a high-end forum of the dining business.
Finished shows: 60 episodes
Length of the show: 30 minutes / episode
Type of the show: cooking instruction
Target audience: professional chefs, food culture funs, and ordinary families

Three episodes of documentary --- Description of the food served in Olympic Games

‘Introduction: This serial was authorized by the Beijing Olympic Committee! China Food TV interviewed the officers of the Beijing Olympic Committee over the three months period and interpreted the extraordinary course of catering of Beijing Olympics. The history of Olympic food catering was collected from the foreign embassies in China; the Beijing Olympic catering was shot from Beijing and Qingdao respectively. From one side, we show you the Olympic spirit of faster, higher, stronger in its catering; from another side, we show the audience how the world biggest dining table generated.
As we all know, there were two hundred and four countries, more than two hundred and seventy thousand registered personnel, and over seven hundred million audients! All these made Beijing Olympic exceed all the previous Olympic Games. Over sixty continuous days, more than thirteen million meals were supplied daily. Besides the Olympic game, there must be a catering Olympic as well.